Mum leaves child locked in car to go clubbing

Catherine Healey
Mum leaves child locked in car to go clubbing

A distraught two-year-old child has been found locked in the car while his mother went out clubbing with friends.

Passers-by heard the little boy's screams in the early hours of last Sunday morning and tried to get the boy out.

The incident happened in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen, with police called to the scene.

According to police, the clubbing mother showed up 20 minutes after officers called for a mechanic to come and break into the vehicle.

“It turned out the 25-year-old woman had stayed with colleagues at a disco,” police said in a statement.

The incident then turned physical when one of the passers-by confronted the mother about her behavior.

As a result, the woman’s car was damaged.

In a statement, Swiss police confirmed the mother is facing child neglect charges, while the passerby has also been charged with criminal damage.