Mum jailed for two years for using 12 year old as drug mule

A Queensland mother who used a young boy as a drug mule will serve more than two years behind bars for trafficking.

The Ipswich woman sold speed in front of children and arranged for a 12 year old to do a deal.

She called the scene of the crime ‘the shop’. There were ‘shop keepers’ and children.

Toni Ness has two lives; mother and drug dealer.

Justice Glenn Martin said Ness “… on a number of occasions dealt in front of children.”

She was arrested in raids in August, 2014.

Officers had searched her Goodna home in November the year before but she kept on trafficking speed and using cannabis.

The Brisbane Supreme Court heard the 42-year-old was a substantial drug dealer.

She had dozens of customers but what shocked police was how she served them.

“The main target of this operation has been using a 12 year old child to deliver the drugs she has been selling,” Detective Inspector Gary Dixon said.

The boy escorted a customers to a safe house, handed over speed and collected money.

He was the same age she was when she started using drugs.

Ness was given up for adoption as a 12 year old after giving birth to twins at 11. She did not see the children until they were 16.

Two years later one took his own life.

The judge took into account Ness’ tragic life and sentenced her to five years jail.

She will spend almost half behind bars and, with time already served, be released later this year.

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