Mum films brazen groping assault at beach

A young mum has shared the sickening moment she was assaulted by an older man on a Gold Coast beach in front of her toddler.

Laura Filliponi, 20, was playing with her two-year-old boy on Main Beach when a man approached her twice.

The second time, which she caught on camera, he asks her if she’d like a coffee.

“I don’t actually like coffee,” she says.

A woman has filmed the moment she was assaulted on a Gold Coast beach by a man in front of her toddler. Here he is approaching the boy and offering him money. Source: 7 News

He hands Ms Filliponi’s son $20. She politely backs away but he persists and tries to kiss her.

“I don’t like that,” she says.

He then touches the toddler on the head and again moves in close before grabbing her breast.

Ms Filliponi later said she was “so scared” and wished she’d grabbed her son and run.

The man grabs the woman’s breast. Source: 7 News

But she remained calm so that she didn’t scare him.

However, she later saw the man in the carpark and didn’t back down.

“What you did back there was completely, utterly inappropriate,” she tells him.

The young mum alerted police not long after confronting the man but he was gone by the time they arrived. She now has to make a formal complaint before police can track him down.

While he’s yet to be found, Ms Filliponi has posted her video to warn others in case he strikes again.

The woman approaches the man to condemn his actions. Source: 7 News