Mum lets loose at Woolies after accidentally feeding her kids dog food

A Sydney mother who accidentally packed her children's lunch boxes with dog food biscuits has accused Woolworths of not labelling the product clearly enough.

Tania Toomey bought a packet of Scooby Snacks choc-friendly carob biscuits from her local supermarket, not realising it was dog food.

A Sydney mother bought Scooby Snacks for her kids, not realising it was dog food. Source: Facebook

Although the packet does say "pet food only", Ms Toomey posted a complaint on Woolworths' Facebook page, saying she made the mistake because the packet was in the confectionery isle.

"I bought these from the biscuit isle next to the Tiny Teddies at Woolies in North Strathfield," she wrote.

"Terrible and disgraceful, not to mention dangerous!"

Ms Toomey's complaint on the Woolworths Facebook page. Source: Facebook

After putting the dog snacks in her kids' school lunch packs, they came home at the end of the day and said, "yuck, they are disgusting!"

It was then that Ms Toomey realised she had served her children up dog biscuits.

What Scooby Snacks look like. Source: Facebook

Most viewers of the post pointed out the pet food labelling, but others agreed the packaging seemed designed to attract the attention of children.

The Scooby Doo snacks are relatively harmless, consisting of wheat, flour, carob, margarine, milk and oats.

Woolworths also sells another Scooby Doo-themed product, called Iddy Biddy fruit snacks - but those are most definitely meant for children.

Some Facebook followers agreed the packaging seemed to target children. Source: Facebook

"BE CAREFUL the store is very disorganised and very little healthy option snacks for children in a family area," Ms Toomey wrote in her Facebook complaint.

Other readers were more light-hearted about the mishap, with one Facebook user writing: "Now those kids are digging holes and scratching behind their ears."

Woolworths has denied that Scooby Snacks are stocked in the confectionery aisle of their supermarkets.