Motorist hits out at 'ignorant' cyclists' dangerous move into oncoming traffic

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

Nikki Bessem was the passenger in a car driving in western Auckland on Sunday morning when she captured video of a group of about 10 cyclists hogging a whole lane.

“[We were] stuck behind them pretty much the whole way from the middle of the road which is our drive to almost the end,” she revealed to Yahoo7 News.

A common sign on Australian roads, the cyclists can often be seen riding four abreast at times, making it difficult for drivers to overtake.

A large pack of over 10 cyclists can be seen hogging the road in western Auckland on Sunday morning. Source: Nikki Bessem

But Ms Bessem was left stunned when one cyclist veered across the centre line around a blind bend, just moments before a vehicle was coming around the corner.

“One of them actually was on the wrong side of the road coming into a blind corner and a car came the other way,” she said.

“That dude had to quickly get back on the right side of the road. Not once did they look behind them to check if a car was there.”

She revealed her partner was trapped behind the cyclist for some time on the 100km/h stretch of road thanks to their “inconsiderate” behaviour.

At one point, one of the cyclists crosses the centre line, narrowly avoiding a passing car. Source: Nikki Bessem

“I was furious. Riding singly is annoying enough as they never stick to the side of the road,” she said.

“They’re always closer to the middle but having them riding four in a row is just plain stupid and inconsiderate of others.”

Just last month a Sydney motorist took to the internet to vent his fury when a group of cyclists ignored a cycle lane to ride three abreast along Cronulla’s Captain Cook Drive.

Earlier in the year more than 100,000 signatures were gathered in a bid to change the law to make cyclists travel single file along roads.

“We are tired of taxpayer dollars being lavished on expensive road systems with designated bike lanes, only to see cyclists continue to ride two or more abreast, spilling into main traffic lanes and impeding traffic flow,” the online petition said.