Motorcyclist's scary find on car in front: 'Another day in Australia'

A motorcyclist was shocked to see a huge huntsman spider on the back of the vehicle in front of him.

Finding a huntsman on your car can be a terrifying experience for many, but in Australia it's almost considered a rite of passage. One motorcyclist shared that sentiment when posting a video online of a spider he spotted on a driver's car, claiming it was "just another day in Australia".

While cruising along a NSW road, the rider noticed something sitting on the back of the P-plater's car in front of him. To his horror, he realised it was a giant huntsman spider that began crawling across the back bumper and out of sight — to another part of the car.

After stopping at the lights, the rider pulled up beside the car to let the driver know, who shared that the spider wasn't a new friend.

"Yeah, it's been there for ages. I saw it yesterday," the driver responded.

Left: A red circle highlights the huntsman spider on the back bumper of a blue car. Right: A huntsman spider close-up. Source: Reddit / Australian Museum
A motorbike rider spotted a giant huntsman crawling on the back of a car in front of him (left). Source: Reddit/Australian Museum

Most Aussies agreed that if a huntsman remains outside a vehicle it's okay, but trouble starts when they enter the car.

"Nothing brings the heart rate up faster than seeing the huntsman silhouette on your windscreen and trying to determine if it's inside or outside," one person said. "Huntsman on the outside of car [means] huntsman on the inside of car in near future (sic)," another warned.

Other Aussies share their spider stories

Every Aussie has a story to share when it comes to finding a huntsman in the car and the replies to the video did not disappoint.

"When my mum was younger she was in the passenger seat and she pulled the visor down to find a big huntsman. She just jumped out. What a maniac. Said she was covered in bruises the next day," one person shared.

"One of my core memories as a kid was sitting in the passenger seat while my dad drove us back from Bunnings after picking up a bunch of potted plants that were sitting in the boot. Having clearly hitched a ride in one of the plants, the biggest huntsman I have ever seen (still to this day) started crawling across the dashboard," another said.

"I got in my car one Wednesday night and noticed a shadow move on the driver’s door window. It was a huntsman, on the outside. As I drove off it scurried across the windscreen. Friday night I’m driving down a reasonably busy road and look up to change lanes. I can’t see anything in my rear vision mirror..." a third wrote.

What to do if you find a huntsman in the car

Huntsmen aren't known to be aggressive and though they do bite, only some species are more likely to do so than others.

"Generally it would be less painful than a bee sting", Mark Elgar, Professor in Evolutionary Biology and Animal Behaviour at the University of Sydney recently told Yahoo News Australia.

If you find one in your car, the best thing to do is remain calm. Once you are no longer driving and have safely pulled over, you can remove a huntsman using a container — like a bowl or jar — and a sheet of paper.

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