Motorbike rider slammed for 'irresponsible' act - but can you spot it?

An image of a child on the back of a motorcycle has prompted concern online after a fellow road user noticed something wasn't quite right with their helmet.

The picture was shared on Brisbane's Reddit page on Saturday and shows a child on the back of a motorcycle, clinging to the driver, while sitting at a red light.

However, the person who snapped the photo was concerned about the child's safety, due to the helmet they were wearing.

The child is seen wearing a helmet more suitable for a bicycle, as opposed to a motorcycle.

The person asked who they could report this to, with many urging them to report it to the police.

"Yeah please report this. As a motorcycle rider I really dislike seeing people being reckless with kids on their bike," one person said.

One motorist in Queensland saw a child wearing a bicycle helmet on a motorcycle. Source: Reddit
One motorist in Queensland saw a child wearing a bicycle helmet on a motorcycle. Source: Reddit

In Queensland, children as young as eight-years-old are allowed to ride on the back of a motorcycle, if the driver has an unrestricted license and the child's feet are able to reach the passenger footrests while seated.

All pillion passengers must wear an approved motorcycle helmet which is securely fastened.

Motorcycle helmets must comply with either Australian standards or the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe standard.

While many were urging the Redditor to report this to the police, some suggested he should mind his own business.

The person who shared the post said they were on their own bike at the time, with a full-face helmet, jeans with protectors and boots.

They said the child on the back of the bike in front was "so irresponsible".

Someone else pointed out that having your mobile phone in your hand or resting on any part of your body while driving is illegal in Queensland, even if stopped in traffic.

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