Mother's screams help stop abduction of 15-month-old son

A mother's screams have helped stop the abduction of her 15-month-old son from play equipment in a southwest Sydney mall.

Police are warning parents to keep close watch on their youngsters following the incident, as they hunt for the predator who's still on the run.

One local mum, Jessica Cooley said she left the Liverpool play area as soon as she heard about the attempted abduction.

"We won't be coming back," she said.

The Liverpool playground whre the toddler was grabbed. Photo: 7 News

Another mum, Shimul Nahar said: "It's the most terrifying thing any mother can ever imagine".

The baby was grabbed right in front of his mother in the middle of the day last Thursday, in the busy Macquarie Street mall.

The woman's instincts kicked in and she ran after them, screaming for her boy back.

Liverpool Police Detective Inspector Dean Johnstone said: "the male handed the child back to the mother and did not say anything to her".

Police said the man who snatched the boy returned him after the mother ran after him. Photo: 7 News

The mum told police the predator was middle aged and of Middle Eastern appearance.

Clean shaven, with dark hair and wearing a black wool jacket.

Investigators are now searching through hours of security vision from nearby shops.

But cameras above the playground, operated by Liverpool Council, weren't working.

Many parents say they will not be coming back to the playground where the incident occurred. Photo: 7 News

Another local mum, Ashley McDonald said she no longer feels comfortable in the area.

"It makes you feel so unsafe, you don't have the security of being able to relax and have your kid in the playground," she said.

The mother of the baby, too afraid to go on camera, told 7 News she hasn't been back the mall and will never let her little boy play here again.

Investigators are sure others saw the abduction attempt and want to hear from those witnesses.

Police have released a decprition of the man they are looking for.