Mother saved by trainers after heart attack at gym

Melina Sarris
Mother saved by trainers after heart attack at gym

A 32-year-old Melbourne mother has survived a heart attack thanks to quick thinking trainers at her gym and a defibrillator from the business next door.

Samantha Jobe was walking into a class at her Cheltenham gym last month when she collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

Luckily, the trainers at the gym were quick on their feet.

“It was apparent that she’d stopped breathing and that there was no pulse, so we just started implementing CPR,” gym trainer Tara Smith said.

The trainers remembered the business next door had a defibrillator and ran to get it.

They followed the instructions and got her heart restarted before paramedics arrived.

“I definitely wouldn’t be standing here without your help,” Samantha said.

The first four to five minutes after a cardiac arrest is crucial - and getting help within that timeframe significantly increases the chance of survival.

Ambulance Victoria is encouraging all businesses to have a defibrillator.

“It’s an investment that I think everyone should have in their workplace,” gym owner Maria Hogan said.

And after Samantha’s close call, the gym now has one, but hopefully they will never have to use it.