Mother reunited with photograph of stillborn baby after online campaign

A social media campaign to reunite a mother with a photo of a stillborn baby that was found at the Royal Melbourne Show has ended in success.

Melbourne woman Monica Taylor said she found the photo in the show bag area of the grounds late on Saturday night and was hopeful of getting the precious keepsake back to its owner.

Less than 24 hours later, a woman (who preferred to remain anonymous) saw the image circulating online and made contact with the Show organisers and Ms Taylor.

In an updated post to Facebook, Ms Taylor announced the good news, saying the crumpled image was the only photograph the mother had of her baby girl.

The post quickly went viral when it was uploaded to Facebook on Saturday night, with thousands getting behind the movement to have the photo returned to its owner.

“There are no identifying notes on the back and I didn't witness who it fell from, but as an angel mum to a stillborn son myself, I instantly knew by seeing it, what it was, and if this where mine (quiet possibly the only photograph she had) I would be absolutely devastated!” Ms Taylor wrote on her original Facebook post.

In a number of hours, the post was shared almost 7000 times by touched Facebook users.

The image found by Ms Taylor. Photo: Facebook
The image found by Ms Taylor. Photo: Facebook

Celebrity blogger Constance Hall joined the campaign, sharing the image on her page to her following of almost one million fans.

“Little darling, hope your mummy and or daddy find u sweet heart.xx,” one viewer wrote.

“Thank you for trying to find the person that this belongs to. I am also a mum to a stillborn son and I would be so grateful for the return of this precious item, we don't have many things to cherish of our angels,” another woman wrote.

One Facebook user offered to retouch the photograph to improve the condition, but the mother declined the gesture.

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