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Residents in flood ravaged regions of NSW are returning to assess the damage, while Rockhampton residents face their biggest challenge in decades with the swollen Fitzroy River yet to peak.

Meanwhile, colourful Sydney personality Salim Mehajer is waking up from a rough weekend, a Sydney man is facing terror charges in Bulgaria and North Korea is claiming it has been set up in the assassination of Kim Jong-nam.

Christine Devine assesses the damage at her Lismore home. Photo: AAP

It just exploded like a volcano: Flood victim tells of trauma

Residents caught up in major flooding on NSW north coast are telling of devastation as they return to their sodden homes.

Christine Devine ended up in hospital after collapsing on her friend's floor after being forced from her Lismore home.

"I just couldn't move and I was shaking," the woman said after leaving hospital and returning to her house to assess the damage.

Residents are slowly being allowed to return home after receiving the all clear from emergency services.

However, the worst is not over for Rockhampton residents in Queensland, on high alert as the worst flood in 60 years is expected to hit their town.

Kim Jong-nam was the son of the late Kim Jong-il, and half brother of current leader Kim Jong-un.

Inside Kim Jong-nam’s public assassination

The audacious hit in a public airport terminal was ordered by North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un to eliminate a potential rival, his half brother Kim Jong-nam.

But a Special Representative from North Korea’s Foreign Ministry has told Sunday Night his country had been set up in the assassination and the police not only have the wrong suspect, they don’t even have the right victim.

Alejandro Cao de Beno said: “This was not Kim Jong-nam.”

"We don't know the reasons, we tried to clarify why someone kill this person if he was really killed, if it was not a plot from their own CIA in South Korea intelligence and with a nerve agent supposed to be a weapon of mass destruction which is ridiculous."

Bulgarian prosecutors believe they have a strong case against a terror suspect from Sydney. Photo: 7 News

Secret video revealed as Sydney man faces Bulgarian terror charges

Prosecutors in Bulgarian have revealed secret surveillance footage of a Sydney facing terrorism charges in their country.

They say their case against former Waverley College student, John Zahkariev, 21, is strong.

“In accordance with the information we have, the prosecution thinks, yes, he was involved in terrorism,” Detelina Yotova from the Bulgarian Special Prosecutor's Office said.

“There is enough material gathered that speaks against him."

Police intervened when a cab driver refused to carry Mehajer. Photo: 7 News

Salim Mehajer's bad weekend gets worse

Former Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer landed in hot water with police on Saturday night after a stoush with a cabbie at Sydney’s Star Casino.

After several hours in a cell, the colourful property developer who once planned to be prime minister emerged and ran into more trouble.

Already facing assault charges over the casino incident, another run in with a taxi driver and the media now looks to have earned him even more legal trouble.

Up to 20 people were on the St Lucia balcony when it gave way. Photo: 7 News

Amateur video captures Queensland house party balcony collapse

Up to 20 people plunged from a collapsing balcony at a Queensland house party at the weekend, with the building failure caught on video.

Nine people were taken to hospital after the St Lucia accident and authorities said they are lucky their injuries aren't more serious.

Witness, Lachlan Milroy told 7News it was "just a mess, just a mess; just people everywhere... It was just a bit scary."