Mole new world for nice Aisha

Mole new world for nice Aisha

Aisha Jefcoate may be waving the WA flag in this week's grand final of The Mole but the reality TV show's self-confessed nice girl didn't give herself much of a chance when she first walked on set.

"Looking at the kind of players I was up against, I thought it would be an achievement just making it past the first week," the 23-year-old told AAA.

"I'm a social and friendly person and I like to see the best in people, so the hardest part about being on the show is realising that people will do whatever it takes to win, and that means lying and compromising your morals.

"That was hard for me to understand - that not everyone in this game is your friend."

Seven's reprised sixth series of the game of strategy and deception - which was last seen on Australian TV screens in 2005 - will tonight unearth the winner of a potential prize pool of up to $250,000 and expose the identity of "the mole", the contestant tasked by producers to sabotage the group's money-making efforts.

Jefcoate, who hails from Geraldton, will face-off against 22-year-old Muslim community youth leader Hillal Kara-Ali, of NSW, and sponsorship co-ordinator Erin Dooley, 24, of Geelong, following NSW AFL development officer Sam Hutchins' elimination last week.

Despite the rivalry, the University of WA communications graduate said she was strong friends with the trio and had maintained daily contact since wrapping up filming for the series. Keen to pursue a TV career, the top 20 finalist in the Channel (V) Presenter Search 2012 has uprooted to Sydney and landed behind-the-scenes work in entertainment management.

"Ideally, the pipe dream is presenting but I'm learning to love the whole production side of it as well," she said.

"The Mole has taught me to trust my own judgment and that I am capable, smart enough and have what it takes to accomplish anything I want to do."