Model's head 'pops' on flight after plastic surgery: 'So disturbing'

An Onlyfans model has horrified the internet after revealing how her head “popped” during a flight shortly after she underwent surgery.

Weronika took to TikTok in a series of videos to explain what happened after she departed Turkey.

“We were on the plane, everything is chill, we’ve gone to sleep because we’ve been travelling since 2am, and I wake up and I’m in a lot of pain,” the young woman said.

“Everything was really hurting.

Weronika in her TikTok videos.
Weronika says she heard a loud 'pop' before hot liquid started running down her neck. Source: TikTok

“I got up, went to the toilet and like I heard this audible pop, and my heart was just like, what the hell is happening, and I was just like, oh shit.”

Across 10 clips, which have been viewed almost 11 million times, the TikToker detailed what happened next.

“Immediately after I start feeling this hot liquid dripping down my neck so I grab some towel and start wiping it up,” she said. “It smells so bad.”

Weronika went on to explain how the fluid “gushed out all in one go” before she stuffed tissues under the bandages in order to stop her head from bleeding.

“It was so gross,” she said.

“I was in so much pain for the rest of the flight. It felt so hot and all that liquid was draining into this tissue.

“It was honestly disgusting.”

'Huge gaping hole in my head'

A week before the flight, Weronika underwent ‘cat eye’ surgery in Turkey, otherwise known as canthoplasty.

It is a cosmetic procedure that aims to lengthen the eye opening to create more of an almond or ‘cat eye’ shape.

The British model says she was given the all clear to fly post surgery but her surgeon forgot to pass on the documents she needed to board the plane.

Without the proper paperwork, Weronika, whose head was wrapped in circular bandage, was forced to fork out $100 for a medical clearance at the airport.

After finally getting a fit to fly certificate from airport staff, she boarded the plane with her boyfriend.

When the dreadful “pop” occurred from right behind her ear — where the surgeon had placed a fluid drain during the surgery — she knew something was terribly wrong.

But she and her boyfriend decided the best course of action would be to keep her bandage on for the remainder of the flight and assess the situation once they were home.

“I was imagining the worst,” she said, “I didn’t want to have a huge gaping hole in my head.

The British model says the hole behind her ear became infected but that it is 'clearing up now.' Source: Instagram

After washing her hair to get rid of the dried blood, Weronika found a hole where the drain had been, but was advised by her surgeon to wait and see how it healed while continuing to take her antibiotics.

The next morning it had become infected.

“Long story short I ended up with an infected oozing hole behind my ear but it’s clearing up now and it’s all good I just have to be careful before it shuts,” the model wrote on TikTok.

Social media support

Fans took to social media to share their horror at Weronika’s experience.

“You’re so brave,” wrote one person. “That’s so traumatic.”

“That sounds so disturbing,” another said.

“I’m so sorry that happened to you!” someone else added. “But I am glad you’re ok and healing now.”

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