Mobile phone company accused of 'misleading ad' – so can you see what's wrong?

A commercial for a new smartphone has been accused of misleading its audience after revealing images of the ad’s production were exposed on social media.

Huawei’s new Nova 3 device, which retails for $599, was released this month and boasts two main cameras on the back and two selfie cameras on the front for “striking photographs from different angles”.

The 30-second ad released by Huawei Mobile Egypt features several flawless selfies that appear to be taken by the Nova’s front camera – until an actress’s social media post accidentally proved otherwise.

Huawei mobile advertisement busted using DSLR in selfie shots
The advertisement features several ‘selfie’ shots that appear to be taken on the Nova 3 device. Source: Huawei

Sarah Elshamy, who appears in the clip, posted a behind-the-scenes photo to Instagram, which shows herself and another actor in the middle of filming.

But instead of the male actor taking a selfie on the Nova 3, he is actually being photographed on a professional DSLR camera.

He holds out an empty hand towards the lens of the camera to make it look like he’s holding a phone.

Huawei mobile advertisement busted using DSLR in selfie shots
The photo uploaded to the actress’s Instagram account appears to show a DSLR used to take the selfies. Source: Reddit/AbdullahSab3

Reddit user AbdullahSab3 took to Reddit to accuse the company of misleading marketing, saying: “Don’t believe everything you see.”

“Disappointed, but not surprised,” one person wrote.

“These faked ads are really not paying off for Huwaei,” another said.

One Reddit user pointed out that Huawei never actually stated that the photos were taken on the phone, to which another viewer responded: “But it’s deceptive. You know they want you to think it was.”

Huawei mobile advertisement busted using DSLR in selfie shots
The phone retails for $599 and boasts four cameras for ‘striking photos from every angle’. Source: Huawei

It’s not the first time the company has been caught out using professional equipment while letting customers believe their own devices were used.

In 2016, Huawei used a photograph of a girl standing in the sunlight to sell their P9 smartphone.

“We managed to catch a beautiful sunrise with Deliciously Ella. The #HuaweiP9’s dual Leica cameras makes taking photos in low light conditions like this a pleasure,” the advert read.

But the EXIF metadata of the image showed the photo came from a Canon EOS 5D Mark III used with a variety of equipment totalling about $4500.

Yahoo7 has contacted Huawei for comment.

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