Missing boy found 25km away in epic game of hide-and-seek

A little boy has outsmarted his brother in a sibling game of hide and seek, with police called in to help with the search.

Five-year-old Tyler had been playing at his family home Gidgegannup, east of Perth, on Monday when he climbed into his mother’s car.

Thinking it was a great place to hide, it’s believed the little boy fell asleep in the boot of the vehicle before he was found 25 kilometres away.

Little Tyler pictured with mum Kayla and brother Xavier. Picture: 7 News

“We were looking everywhere, we started a search party,” Tyler’s brother Xavier said.

Tyler’s dad Matthew had been left in charge while mum Kayla went to the movies with her girlfriends.

But not long after she left, her husband called in a panic.

Tyler shows how he was lying in his mum's car. Picture: 7 News

“He was freaking out, when he rang me he was like ‘I can’t find him, I can’t find him’,” Kayla said.

Unaware her son had hidden in her car, Tyler was left in the boot parked at Midland Gate shopping centre, roughly 25 kilometres from the family home.

“He would have had to have been asleep, otherwise he wouldn’t have been quiet for the long,” Kayla said.

Tyler was found 25km away in the back of his mother's car. Picture: 7 News

A passer by spotted little Tyler in the car at the shopping centre and called security.

Tyler was able to unlock the car and speak to security about his hiding spot, telling them he was playing a game of hide and seek.

But in the meantime, police had been called in to search for the five-year-old who had been missing more than an hour.

Little Tyler was reunited with his worried parents and the police search was called off.

Five-year-old Tyler said he was pretty happy with his hiding spot. Picture: 7 News