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Millions transfixed by footage showing 'ghost' catching a taxi

Millions have been left transfixed after watching footage allegedly depicting a "ghost" getting into a taxi with a man.

The footage captures a shadowy figure climbing into a taxi alongside a paying passenger.

It begins innocently enough as the man, dressed in a white shirt with a briefcase, waits patiently for a cab in a quiet street.

But when he makes his way towards the vehicle and opens the door, a shadowy feminine figure with long straight hair slips into the cab behind him.

The moment the 'ghost' woman slides into the cab behind the man. Source: Youtube/Breaking News
The moment the 'ghost' woman slides into the cab behind the man. Source: Youtube/Breaking News

Emerging from seemingly nowhere, she appears to go entirely unnoticed by the man or the cab driver.

Believed to have been shot in Japan, the film is creating plenty of debate across the internet.

Discussion oscillates between those who believe the appearance of the dark-haired 'phantom' girl is all down to some deft software skills.

Others claim she is the reincarnation of the infamous lead character in Japanese horror film trilogy 'The Ring'.

Meanwhile, local outlet the Asahi Shimbun suggested that the incident could be part of a larger string of 'ghost' sightings with a more tangible cause.

According to a sociology study publish by Asahi Shimbun, at least seven 'sightings' have all been recorded after the 2011 earthquake-tsunami.

More than 19,000 people were killed in the natural disaster, in which a 9.0 magnitude earthquake sent a tsunami towards the country, causing mass devastation and destruction.

The study found taxi drivers were trying to pick up genuine fares in each incident, only to find their passengers had disappeared upon arrival.

News break – July 26