Millions of Aussie commuters warned after spike in injuries at train stations

More than 1,900 incidents involving slips, trips and falls were reported to Sydney Trains last year.

A man slips while running onto the train, falling down the gap between the train and platform (left). A man falls down stairs (middle). A passenger flat on his back after tripping on the platform (right).
Sydney Trains are warning passengers to 'slow down' as the city braces for wet weather. Source: Sydney Trains

Millions of Aussies commuters are being warned to "slow down" as the wet, wintery weather settles in, with blustery conditions contributing to a spike of injuries at train stations. More than 1,900 incidents involving slips, trips and falls were reported to Sydney Trains last year, Transport for NSW said on Friday.

Footage released by the government to showcase some of the real-life accidents that occurred on slippery platforms show travellers falling down stairs head first, or stumbling up ramps as they attempt to jump on a train before it departs. The mishaps resulted in nearly 900 injuries to passengers.

Mauren Clark, Sydney Trains Executive Director of Customer Experience, said such incidents can easily be avoided if commuters simply take more care.

"Injuries caused by passengers rushing to catch their train or being distracted by a device are avoidable. Just take your time," she said. "Rushing is a risk not worth taking as there will always be another train not far behind."

The majority of accidents that occur on station platforms involve commuters rushing to try and catch their train before it leaves, with 578 people harmed last year. There were also just over 450 incidents of people getting hurt on escalators, stairs and ramps while distracted by a device or hurrying.

"This is also a reminder for those who do rush to be aware of others around them as one misstep or one knock is all it takes to cause a serious injury to another passenger," Clark said.

The warning comes after predictive data showed another La Niña event is on its way, with wet and cold weather expected. According to ABC meteorologist Thomas Saunders, a downward trend on the graph shows La Niña "is gathering steam fast" and Sydney Trains are urging commuters to be careful in the months ahead.

On rainy days, train station staff will make additional announcements reminding passengers to slow down and be attentive, Transport for NSW said. They will also "offer umbrella wrappers at many stations and have wet weather mats rolled out to manage wet floors".

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