Men wanted by police praised for alleged offence: 'Doing the Lord's work'

Victoria Police is looking for two men they believe are responsible for egging a speed camera vehicle in Melbourne, and have called on the public to help identify them.

But the alleged act has been praised by some on social media with one saying the men are "doing the Lord's work".

Police say the incident occurred in the Melbourne suburb of Reservoir in July.

After approaching the vehicle, "the males then threw eggs at the vehicle, causing the operator to halt the operation and leave the vehicle," they said in a statement.

Victoria Police eggs speed camera vehicle
Victoria Police have released footage of two men they believe threw eggs at a speed camera vehicle in July. Source: Victoria Police

Police seek public assistance

Police claim the two men, who were both wearing surgical face masks, hoodies, and camouflage trousers, ran from the scene in an unknown direction.

Now, three months later, Victoria Police has released a photo of the alleged perpetrators and shared it on Twitter on Thursday.

"Officers were told two males approached a traffic camera vehicle parked on Hughes Parade around 9.50pm on Monday, 18 July," they wrote.

They also urged anyone with information to call Crime stoppers so they can speak with the men responsible.

But one person said, "these fine young men have restored my faith in humanity."

"Doing the Lord's work," a second said of the men.

"Inclined to agree," said another.

Safe Roads Australia responded to the Tweet to say "speeding is the biggest cause of fatalities & serious injuries on Australian roads".

"Are you suggesting we shouldn't be enforcing the road rules?" they suggested in response to the comments.

One person hit back to say that such deterrents are "blatant revenue raising".

"Carry on egging," they added.

"Haven’t you got better things to investigate?" another said, claiming "eggs wash off".

17-year-old Beau Jackson warns people of speed cameras on NSW roads. Source: Instagram/@scamerasloveme
17-year-old Beau Jackson warns people of speed cameras on NSW roads. Source: Instagram/@scamerasloveme

Teen's mission to stop 'unfair' speeding fines

It's not the first time members of the public have hit out against "unfair" speeding fines and roadside tactics used by authorities.

NSW teen Beau Jackson gained the nickname the "speed camera crusader" after making it his mission to alert other drivers of hidden speed cameras along busy roads.

The 17-year-old was using the community-based traffic and navigation app Waze to track down mobile speed camera locations across the NSW Central Coast, Hunter region and parts of Sydney.

He would then park his motorbike near the camera with a warning sign, encouraging drivers to slow down so they don't get fined.

He claims "it's not right" that "sneaky" speed cameras catch "innocent people for barely any Ks over".

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