Men slammed for harassing Aussie policewoman in TikTok video

A female police officer has been subjected to a barrage of inappropriate comments from a group of young men who appear to harass her.

In a video shared on TikTok, the men, who appear to be in Perth, film themselves directing comments at the policewoman on duty, continuously calling her "beautiful" as they laugh.

One man can be heard saying "damn this one is nice" and "this woman is beautiful, she should be a model not a police officer".

Female police officer on duty who was the target of inappropriate comments in a TikTok video
The female police officer was on duty when a group of men decided to hurl inappropriate comments her way and shared it on TikTok. Source: TikTok

Meanwhile, the caption on the video reads: "She’s definitely in the wrong field".

The female officer appears visibly uncomfortable while the men continue with their commentary. She attempts to ignore them by looking away multiple times.

The video is taken from at least two different angles with a cut throughout, indicating the comments continued over a period of time.

Social media outrage: 'Grow up'

The video has garnered at least 2.8 million views and almost 300,000 likes, and of the thousands of comments, many criticise the men for their behaviour.

Dozens called on the men to "leave her alone" demanding they "show some respect."

One pointed out the blatant objectification demonstrated by calling the woman "this one".

"So beautiful ladies shouldn't be officers?" one questioned, perplexed by the group's unwarranted remarks.

Young men laughing at a female police officer on duty
The young men were laughing while commenting on the policewoman's appearance. Source: TikTok

"Little boys don’t know when to stop," another wrote, taking aim at the men in the video.

Dozens more told the group to "grow up" condemning them for their "immature" behaviour.

The TikTok user regularly posts videos showing their interaction with police officers.

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