Woman viciously bashed at station while bystanders do nothing

A woman was left badly beaten following a fight at Melbourne's Sunshine train station as dozens of commuters passed by.

Video footage shows a young woman being dragged across the ground by her hair before she was stomped on and repeatedly hit by another woman in a denim jacket.

The video has been shared online and people have expressed their disgust at no one stepping in to try and help the woman being attacked.

"Why did no one help the victim," Anj Cowle posted online.

"Disgusting that everyone walked by without any compassion."

One witness claimed that the attack was racially motivated and completely unprovoked.

The attacker’s friend eventually intervened and they fled on the train.

A Victoria Police spokesman told Seven News online that there was no record of the incident being reported to police.

The woman was stomped, kicked and punched on a Melbourne train platform. Source: Facebook.

For a moment, a man in an orange shirt looked to check on the wellbeing of the injured woman but he quickly boarded the train.

The female victim sat on the platform curled over in a ball while those who witnessed the fight stared on and kept walking. She quickly picked herself up and appeared to board the same train as her attacker.

"I personally can't wait until I am put in a situation that I can stop something like this from happening," Joel Smith said after the fight was posted online.

"All those people watching are almost as bad as the person doing the beating. We need to step up as the public and make streets safer."

Onlookers have been slammed for not intervening. Source: Facebook

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