'Failed smash-and-grab’: Melbourne thieves ram ute into shopping centre

Would-be thieves are on the run after smashing through the doors of a Melbourne shopping centre in a ute early Friday morning.

They were targeting two ATMs, but were forced to flee empty-handed. However, the thieves still managed to cause widespread damage during the failed attempt at a ram-raid.

CCTV footage from inside the Williams Landing Shopping Centre shows the moment the ute smashes through doors and drives into the complex.

Crooks leave empty handed after attempted ram raid at Williams Landing Shopping Centre. Source: 7 News

The stolen silver Nissan Navara ute can be seen rammimg an ATM on numerous occasions, before they fail to manually lift it from the bolts that hold the machine onto the shopping centre ground.

The brazen ‘smash-and-grab’ attempt lasts almost 10 minutes, however due to the impact of ramming the ute then breaks down forcing the would-be thieves to leave empty handed.

The car has been towed and now the cleanup begins. Source: 7 News
Incredibly the machines are still bolted to ground, safes in tact. Source: 7 News

“It was a long time in the store. I don’t think it did go to plan. I don’t think they wanted to be in the store for 10 minutes, but unable to lodge the atm and um, place it in the van, they have given up," a police spokesperson told 7 News.

According to police this isn’t the first attempt at a ram raid at this shopping centre.

Another car crashed through another door only a week earlier.

Those thieves managed to make off with a safe and cigarettes from inside the centre.

Police are now hunting for the three men seen wearing high-vis clothing in the footage.

The trio fled the scene in the white van.