Melbourne man 'posed as woman online to get access to naked pictures'

A graphic designer who posed as a woman to gain access to women’s-only Facebook groups, stole nude photos and posted at least one of them to ‘lads’ groups, has being fired from his job after his conduct was revealed.

Lindor Jonuzi, 19, has been slammed as ‘pitiful’ and ‘disgusting’ on social media for a bragging post he sent to a Melbourne Lads group.

The post read that Mr Jonuzi had “access to MSS & MGP [two Melbourne-based women’s-only groups] through fake female accounts” and that he would “post any quality content and general sh** to roast s’**s about”.

Mr Jonuzi's offending post. Photo: Facebook
Mr Jonuzi's offending post. Photo: Facebook

His employer, Lucky Ent was alerted to the incident by a concerned citizen who posted details of Mr Jonuzi’s actions on their Facebook page.

It caused an outpouring of anger with several social media users saying they had contacted Lucky Ent after learning about it.

Other posts highlighted how the incident was typical of a sinister trend of men posting nude or revealing photos of young women in online groups.

“He [Mr Jonuzi’s] one of 100’s [sic] of dudes doing this in Melbourne,” Tyson Wray commented.

Jonuzi's offensive post was made public when his employer was notified on Facebook. Photo: Facebook
Jonuzi's offensive post was made public when his employer was notified on Facebook. Photo: Facebook

The women’s-only groups are said to be body-positive sites, encouraging those who may feel self–conscious to post images and get affirmation.

Stealing images from there, Mr Jonuzi put them on Melbourne lads Vol 2.

Many images of local women shared from various posters to the site are believed to have been uploaded without the women’s knowledge or consent, the Daily Mail reported.

Melbourne man Brendan Cook made Mr Jonuzi’s post public when he wrote to Lucky Ent on Tuesday saying: “It would appear that one of your designers, Lindor Jonuzi, is in the business of impersonating women on Facebook, using those fake accounts to acquire naked photos of women in private groups and circles, and then circulating photos of those women against their will throughout 'lad groups' on the internet.”

Lucky Ent went on to publish an apology to “those who have been offended,” saying the matter had been dealt with “swiftly” and the said person's contract had been terminated.

In a further twist to the story, Mr Jonuzi posted an apology for his “extremely irresponsible actions” but that ended up backfiring on him also.

“I couldn’t be more sorry for the hurt you must be going through due to my lapse of judgment in the heat of [a] disgusting series of events within the Melbourne Lads group (which I no longer have or want to have any affiliation with),” he wrote in the apology note.

However, when Mr Cook pointed out that Mr Jonuzi had then begun deleting critical comments on the post, the 19-year-old was again slammed.

He deleted the apology and deactivated the Facebook profile he had been using.