Melbourne great-grandmother celebrates her 110th birthday

Kristy Mayr

A Malvern East great-grandmother says a positive attitude to life has helped her achieve a rare birthday milestone.

Marjorie Cooke has lived through two world wars, and the great depression.

She turned the grand old age of 110 on Tuesday, and enjoyed a celebration to remember with family and friends.

Marjorie Cooke celebrated her 110th birthday with family and friends, including her two sons. Photo: 7 News

Ms Cooke glided into her party adorned in pearls and her favourite heels, never one to be caught unawares.

“She was glamorous and she still is… She's always dressed very, very well,” said her son, Lyell Cooke.

Famous among family and friends for her style, Marjorie's 110th birthday proved no exception.

As the super centenarian reflected on a lifetime of incredible memories, she said she has had a good life.

A younger Ms Cooke, who was born in Albert Park in 1906. Photo: Supplied

“Yes, I've done everything I wanted to do,” she said.

Born in 1906 in Albert Park, a young Marjorie lived through two world wars.

She turned 58 as Beatlemania hit Melbourne.

She was among the first to flick on a television – and watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.

Beatlemania hit Melbourne when Marjorie was 58. Photo: 7 News

But of all the 20th century feats, she credits electricity with sparking the biggest change, as well as becoming a mother to sons Lyell and John.

Lyell described her as “a very caring, generous and giving mother”.

“You couldn't get better,” he said.

Marjorie was happy to share her secret to reaching such a remarkable milestone: No smoking, no drinking and, above all, a brilliant zest for life.

“One of her pieces of advice is to work hard and to travel. She says that the experience you get from travelling, you can't get that from anything else,” said Marjorie’s great granddaughter, Rachel Cooke.

Just to prove that you are never too old to try something new, Marjorie marked the birthday celebrations with her very first selfie.