Melbourne great-grandmother celebrates 50 years working as a cashier

A Melbourne great-grandmother has no plans to slow down despite spending 50 years behind the supermarket checkout.

Brenda Palmer, 85, has been behind the Malvern Coles counter since the day it opened.

“Every time we have an anniversary I pat it on the side and say 'happy birthday old girl, we are both still standing',” she said.

A co-worker praised Ms Palmer’s commitment and said she’s popular with customers.

Brenda Palmer has worked at Malvern Coles since it opened. Source: 7 News

“She gives great customer service to every customer,” he said.

“Customers actually queue up for her register.”

She still works four mornings a week and when she finally decides to step away from the counter she’s hoping the store will still have a place for her.

“(I’d) just do customer relations,” she said.

“You know, meet them in the door.”

The 85-year-old has no plans to slow down. Source: 7 News