Melbourne gathering faced by 'complete ambush' from group of teens

A small gathering in Melbourne over the weekend was faced by a "complete ambush" by a group of about thirty teenagers, some reportedly thought to be private school students.

Authorities have said they were called to a property in Kew at around 10.30pm following reports of gatecrashers at a party.

The home's surveillance system captured some of the ordeal on camera.

It's alleged some of the teens jumped the fence and went into the home saying they were “here to take things”, the Herald Sun reports.

Online reports claim the ordeal lasted for about half an hour and during that time it is alleged a window was smashed after a beer bottle was thrown at it and several items were stolen.

It's claimed Darryn Tucker and his wife were having dinner in the city when his frightened daughters, who had about six school friends over, contacted them.

"It was just like Braveheart coming to the door, a complete ambush," Mr Tucker reportedly said, according to The Age.

Mr Tucker's daughter reportedly claimed the boy who thew the bottle through the window "was really aggressive" and shouting abuse.

It is believed CCTV is being reviewed by authorities.

"You see several [intruders] gaining entry by force and smashing a front window from a beer bottle thrown causing malicious damage. You see the whole story unfold in the footage, they try to push back." Mr Tucker reportedly said.

"Police were called twice after screaming attempts of urgency as the delinquents hovered at the front fence but the delayed patrol was too late to stop property damage."

Another child's parent, Rob, told 3AW that four girls went into the property briefly initially but left and when his daughter went to close the gate she spotted a huge group approaching the property.

According to The Age police were told by Mr Tucker's daughters that they recognised some of the people as being students from some of the city's private schools.

Police have said investigations are continuing but at this time no arrests have been made.

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