Mel B's 'wife' speaks out

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M *el B *'s former lesbian lover has revealed that she was like a "wife" to her.

  • Christa Parker * admitted that the pair met when their children attended the same Hollywood school.

"I had never been in a relationship with a woman or even had a female crush," she said.

"But our children became friends and after a while we became inseparable too."

Mel, left, was open about her sexuality, according to Parker, and regularly shared details about her experiences with girls.

"I knew she had dated women before and she would always tell me 'You need to try new things'," Parker said.

"One night, while we were talking out on the deck, one thing led to another and it happened. I got into Mel's bed and she followed me in there. She told me 'I'm horny, shall we make love?' I said 'OK'. I had never been with a woman before, so it was new but it was also fun and exciting and very erotic."

Soon after, the pair started hanging out together.

However, a spokesman for Mel B has denied that the pair were ever formally together.

"Mel has never been in a relationship with Christa," the representative told The Sun. "Any suggestion that she has is fabrication."