McDonald's fans 'livid' as controversial item disappears

Macca's potato scallops spark outrage all over again.

If you haven't tried McDonald's new potato scallops yet, then you might just be out of luck, as fans discover the divisive snack is out of stock and not coming back.

Described on the Macca's website as a "fluffy potato in a crunchy tempura coating, served with classic chicken salt seasoning," the item launched earlier this month to much controversy, with Aussies arguing whether it should be called a "potato cake" or "potato fritter".

McDonald's potato scallops
McDonald's potato scallops have stirred controversy yet again with customer now complaining they are all sold out. Source: Supplied

Nomenclature aside, it seems the summer menu item is selling faster than expected, with McDonald's Australia warning customers it can no longer be ordered at some restaurants. "Our Potato Scallops have been super popular, so it may be a bit tricky to get your hands on them," Macca's tweeted, adding that customers should "check availability on the MyMacca's app before heading in".

Taking to Facebook, fans of McDonald's Potato Scallop with Chicken Salt say they're "livid" they won't be able to get their hands on the snack anymore, with many complaining they'd tried ordering the them since launch, but they were never available.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN @maccas isn't selling potato scallops anymore?" raged one Twitter user, with another saying: "Macca's potato scallops are a myth, they're always unavailable". "I've tried multiple times to get a scallop, but they never have any," another unhappy customer commented on Facebook.

Chris Dimopoulos TikTok
They took our 'taters: Chris Dimopoulos claimed McDonald's was "stealing" potatoes from smaller eateries. Source: TikTok/BlueSeaFishShop

All this comes just weeks after Victorian fish and chip shop owner Chris Dimopoulos called out the fast food chain in a viral TikTok video, saying their decision to start selling the scallops in the middle of a potato shortage was "bulls**t".

"They're stealing all the bloody potato cakes, stealing all the potatoes," he said at the time. "It's the same potato we use for our chips. If they're going to sell 170,000 potato cakes a day across all their shops, there's no potatoes left for every mum and dad shop in Australia."

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