McDonald's worker shows inside of 'disgusting' ice cream machine

A woman claiming to be a McDonald’s employee has filmed the “disgusting” conditions of one of the fast food chain’s ice cream machines.

Video uploaded to TikTok by user meg.morgan4 shows the woman attempting to clean what she claims is one of McDonald’s ice cream machines which broke down.

In the video, she calls the machine “disgusting”.

“Why do I have to clean this? It literally won’t come off,” captions in the video read.

A dirty ice cream machine is pictured.
A woman claims this a McDonald's ice cream machine which had to be cleaned. Source: TikTok/meg.morgan4

She’s seen using a plastic spoon to try to scrape some of the ice cream residue off which appears to be a tough task.

It’s not clear where the video was filmed and McDonald’s is yet to comment on it after being contacted by The Mirror. Yahoo News Australia contacted McDonald's Australia for comment.

Viewers on TikTok were divided by the video.

“Never eating that ice cream again,” one woman wrote.

One man added he’s also “not ordering ice cream from McDonald’s again”.

However, not everyone’s cravings for Macca’s ice cream were curbed by the video.

“I was a McFlurry,” one woman wrote.

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