Man's surprisingly generous tip for waitress after ordering two waters

A US restaurant says one of its customers left a A$14,000 tip after ordering only two waters.

Sup Dogs restaurant in North Carolina shared a picture of the tip in cash on its Instagram account.

“UNREAL,” the caption reads.

“Random customer ordered two waters, then left a US$10,000 (AU$14k) tip.”

Someone left a A$14,000 tip at Sup Dogs restaurant in North Carolina. Source: Instagram/Sup Dogs Restaurants

The restaurant’s owner Bret Oliverio told local TV station WNCT he thought it was “pretty cool”. 

“I’ve seen some really big tips, but not $10,000, this was put of the blue, once in a lifetime, it’ll never happen again,” he said.

Mr Beast, a YouTuber, was the one responsible for leaving the tip, WNCT reported.

The YouTuber has a number of videos showing him donating money to people including US$50,000 to a Fortnite player earlier this year.

He has more than 8.8 million subscribers, and is yet to confirm he left the tip.

Stories about people tipping generously or poorly have made many headlines in the US over the years.

In August, a trend known as the “tip the bill challenge” swept the US with diners leaving enormous tips as high as 500 per cent.