Man's disturbing discovery in bag of Woolworths salad leaves

A man has shared a disturbing discovery made inside his ‘Leafy Mix’ salad bag which he purchased from Woolworths.

The man posted photos to the Woolworths Facebook page on Monday, explaining briefly he had found a dead moth inside his bag.

The moth is seen settled among the leaves in the photos shared on Facebook.

“Ohhh yum,” one person commented. “Protein.”

Another person simply told the man to eat it.

“Can’t eat it,” the man replied. “Need some dressing.”

A man made a disturbing discovery in his bag of Woolworths 'Leafy Mix'. Source: Facebook.

The used by date on the bag is December 5, 2019 and there is no other additional information given about the moth by the man who shared the post.

“At Woolworths, we take food safety very seriously,” a Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

“We’ve contacted the customer to seek more information and look into the matter further. 

“We are not aware of any further reports of a similar nature at this time.”

Woolworths also responded to the Facebook post, saying they were “really sorry” about the moth in the mix and thanked him for bringing it to their attention.

“This certainly isn't right and we'll be escalating this immediately through to our product team for further investigation,” Woolworths said.

Woolworths also asked the man to message the supermarket privately to provide more information about the product.

A man found a dead moth in his leafy mix, and joked he couldn't eat it because there wasn't any dressing. Source: Facebook.

Woolworths said to the man on Facebook due to its ‘Fresh or Free policy’, he could be reimbursed for the bag of greens, if he takes the product (presumably with the moth) or his receipt to a Woolworths store.

Earlier this week, a man also shared photos to the Woolworths Facebook page of a rusty nail he had found in his chicken.

The man had already begun cooking when he saw the nail sitting in the packaging.

“This could have caused some serious damage and could have made me or anyone else that bought this incredibly sick,” the man wrote on Facebook, saying he deserved compensation for the incident.

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