Man's sickening dinner-time find inside Woolworths chicken

A man made a disturbing discovery while preparing his dinner which he claims could have made him ‘incredibly sick’, if he had not spotted it.

The man shared the photos to Woolworths Facebook page and explained he went to Woolworths in Victoria and purchased chicken pieces to cook up for dinner..

The label seen in the photos supplied by the man say the ‘Crunchy Cajun’ chicken is from Woolworths ‘Created with Jamie [Oliver]’ line, and according to Woolworths website, they retail for $11 per kilo.

The man purchased Crunch Cajun Chicken Pieces from Jamie Oliver's Woolworths line and found something disturbing halfway through making dinner. Source: Woolworths.

It wasn’t until he had already started cooking that he saw a metal object in the box, and until he picked it up, he thought it was “some spice or something”.

“I pick up the object to find a rusty nail among the chicken!” the man wrote on the Facebook page.

“This could have caused some serious damage and could have made me or anyone else that bought this incredibly sick.”

The man then explained he went back to Woolworths to speak to the manager and alleges the manager said the store “cannot be responsible for incorrect packaging of the product”.

“I deserve compensation for this ordeal,” the man wrote on Facebook.

“The store that stocks the products should be responsible for the product and if they can profit from selling it then they should be able to take responsibility for it as well.”

A Victorian man believes he should be compensated for finding a rusty nail in his Woolworths chicken. Source: Facebook.

It is not clear whether the man was offered a refund by the Woolworths he purchased the chicken from.

He explained he was putting the warning out there to prevent people from ending up in the same situation as him and he urges people to check their food before purchasing

In response to the Facebook post, Woolworths said they were “very concerned” about the nail.

“For your awareness this has been escalated for immediate investigation,” Woolworths wrote, asking for the man for additional information to aid the investigation.

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the supermarket was in contact with the disgruntled customer.

“At Woolworths, we take food safety very seriously,” the spokesperson said.

“We’re currently in contact with the customer and are investigating the matter.

“We are not aware of any further reports of a similar nature at this time.”

The man says he should compensated for the find in his uncooked chicken, and is warning people to check their food before purchase. Source: Getty Images.

A few people in the comments of the Facebook post were sceptical, questioning if the incident actually happened.

“I doubt this happened,” one man said.

“Where these are packaged the whole place is stainless steel, nail isn’t stainless.”

“Cause I would really go through the trouble of finding a rusted nail at 9pm at night bending it to the proportions and putting it back in the box,” the man retorted sarcastically.

“Sure, not to mention the amount of rust on it.

A few others questioned why the man was seeking compensation.

“You didn’t eat it, so you didn’t get sick or anything so the only compensation you should get is a full refund and a sincere apology from Woolworths,” someone said in the comments.

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