Five injured after Manly Fast ferry crashes into Manly Wharf

Five people have been injured after a Manly Fast Ferry crashed into Manly Wharf just after lunch time on Wednesday.

There are reports passengers were thrown from their seats during the collision with five people treated on the boat for scratches, a spokesperson from Manly Fast Ferry confirmed to 7 News Online.

The bow section of the boat collided with the wharf with "some damage" to the boat itself.

The Fast Ferry has crashed into Manly Wharf.

"The boat has been taken off the run and we are completing all the required checks and inpsections with the authorities," a spokesperson said.

"The bow section is a light weight section of the boat and some damage was sustained."

The service missed two departure times due to the incident but all other scheduled trips will leave on time for the remainder of the day.

"The boat will return once we have clearance."