Man who killed teen girlfriend in high-speed crash while high told her ‘I’ll have you in a grave by the end of the night’

The man who killed his teenage girlfriend after getting behind the wheel of his father’s high-powered car while high says he tattooed his face as a “reminder” of the crash.

Sasho Ristovski, 28, walked away from the crash without “any physical scars”, while girlfriend Maddison Tilyard died at the scene.

Maddison Tilyard and Sasho Ristovski.

As a sign of his remorse and “self-loathing”, Mr Ristovski added what was described in court as “demonic” ink so he “didn’t forget" the pain he caused.

The former security guard had been dating 16-year-old Tilyard for just three weeks when he lost control of his father’s car in Laverton North on July 4, 2014.

The Laverton North crash scene. Source: 7News

He has pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing death and reckless conduct endangering a person in court on Thursday.

It was established Mr Ristovski picked Ms Tilyard up from a party on July 4 where he told her: “I’ll put you in a grave by the end of the night”.

Sasho Ristovski. Source: Twitter

Mr Ristovski also told friends at the party: “I’ll have you all in a grave”.

The court heard the 28-year-old was speeding, high and under the influence of alcohol when he veered away from a roundabout, became airborne and hit a tree.

Earlier that same day, witnesses said Mr Ristovski almost collided with another car when speeding at an estimated 210km/h.

Ms Tilyard, who was in the front passenger seat, died at the scene. Mr Ristovski tested positive for amphetamines in his system and blew 0.064 when police arrived at the scene.

The crash scene in Laverton North. Source: 7News

Ms Tilyard’s father Jon paid tribute to his daughter in court and said he is devastated to never feel his daughter’s hugs again.

“I don’t want to feel the memories fade. It’s all I have now,” he said.

“I can feel her as a little girl with her arms holding tight around my neck.”

Ms Tilyard’s mother described her pain as “unbearable” after the loss of her daughter.

Victim Maddison Tilyard. Source: Facebook

Counsel for Mr Ristovski, who took to the stand to express his remorse for the crash, said the 28-year-old accepted he faced a jail term for his “appalling” and “utterly inexcusable” actions.

“He can’t turn back the clock. All he can do is express the deepest heartfelt sorry he can,” defence barrister Stephen Payne.

Sasho Ristovski leaves court. Source: 7News