Man versus fish: The greatest battle yet

Man and fish have battled each other for millennia, but there have not been many encounters like this caught on camera before.

Captain Ben Chancey has landed what is believed to be the first ever Goliath Grouper caught by a man on a paddle board.

And it took quite some effort to conquer the seven foot monster.

Captain Chancey and the grouper fight on. Photo: YouTube

With cameras flying overhead and submerged under water, the entire struggle has been documented online, and you don’t have to be a keen angler to appreciate what an incredible battle it was.

The grouper was not giving up without a fight, and even succeeded in pulling the indefatigable fisherman from his paddle board at one point.

Score this round to the grouper. Photo: YouTube

Somehow Captain Chancey fought he was back onto the board to resume the fight and eventually, the big fish became the first to succumb to exhaustion.

A hard fought win. Photo: YouTube

The fish was caught off of Florida’s east coast and the footage posted online on Wednesday.