Man used 'formula' to win more than $400k on Lotto

A NSW man has explained the “mathematical formula” he used to win more than $420,000 from the Lotto.

The Casino resident’s unregistered entry was one of the 10 division one winning entries across Australia in the Saturday Lotto draw, according to The Lott. Each entry won the division one prize of $414,040.52.

He then went on to win division three six times taking his total cash prize to $421,753.52.

The man told a NSW Lotteries official on Monday he had a unique way of choosing his numbers for the win.

Lottery balls. File pic. Source: Getty Images

“I do a little bit of mathematics and I use a mathematical formula to choose my numbers,” he said.

“I heard on the radio years ago that some numbers come out more than others, so I have a spreadsheet that helps me even those out. It helps me spread the combination of numbers I choose. I had forgotten to check the numbers for last Wednesday’s Lotto, so I just chose the numbers based on the data I did have.

“Turns out they were the bloody rights ones!”

Despite pocketing hundreds of thousands on Monday, he said he was still going into work and was putting off a celebrating until Tuesday night.

The winner said he plans to buy himself a new car and throw some money into his hobbies.