Man trapped under tram after falling asleep on the tracks

A man has been seriously injured after he was trapped underneath a tram on the Gold Coast.

Emergency services say he'd been drinking when he passed out on the tram track.

It was a rough end to a big night, with the man wheeled into an ambulance, covered in bandages.

It was a rough end to a big night for a man who fell asleep on the tram tracks. Source: 7 News

The 21-year-old was seriously injured but somehow managed to survive an incident which could have cost him his life.

A deflector bar which automatically triggered the brakes when it hit his body saved the day - although the man's leg was entangled in the deflector bar and it took half an hour to extricate him.

"We believe alcohol certainly played a part in this incident," Queensland Ambulance paramedic Pat Berry said.

The deflector bar at the bottom of the tram prevented more serious injuries. Source: 7 News
It took half an hour to disentangle the man's leg. Source: 7 News

Police say he'd passed out on the rail ine, when the tram hit him around 5am.

He was then taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital to undergo leg surgery.

"(He was) very, very fortunate that he has been able to come out of this," Pat Berry said.

Buses replaced trams, causing only minor delays.

A paramedic said alcohol had been a factor in the incident. Source: 7 News

Tram services restarted between Southport and Surfers Paradise around 8am, hree hours after the incident and just in time for peak hour.

G:link has released a statement saying, "Safety is our priority at all times and a full investigation of the incident will occur."