Man who took condom off during sex jailed after rare rape prosecution

 (Met Police)
(Met Police)

A man who took a condom off during sex without consent has been jailed for more than four years after he was convicted of rape.

Guy Mukendi, 39, was having consensual sex with a woman when he committed the offence in May 2023.

Without telling her or obtaining permission, Mukendi removed the condom he was wearing and continued having sex.

She reported him to police, and handed over incriminating messages in which Mukendi apologised for what he had done.

The Brixton resident was found guilty of rape after a trial at Inner London crown court, and has now been jailed for four years and three months.

Scotland Yard said this type of offence – known as “stealthing” – is often not reported to police, making criminal prosecutions very rare.

The court was told the woman had consented to sex with Mukendi on the condition that a condom was used.

In messages after the incident, Mukendi apologised and said he had taken off the condom as he had not had sex in a long time, the Met said.

He then deleted the messages, but they had been screenshotted by the victim.

Detective Constable Jack Earl, who led the investigation, said: "Throughout this investigation Mukendi denied any wrongdoing – but our officers built acompelling case against him to leave no doubt in the jury’s mind.

“We were dedicated to securing justice for the victim and will continue to raise awareness that this crime is a form of rape.

"The victim did the right thing to call the police straight away and her bravery should not be overshadowed. If you have been a victim of sexual violence and not yet reported it – please contact your local police service and we will do all that we can to help and bring you justice.”