Man 'stabbed' in wild fight at Coles store

Police have launched an investigation after a man was reportedly stabbed at a Coles store in Queensland.

A man has reportedly been stabbed during an altercation with other Coles customers, sparking an investigation by police.

A shirtless man and two women were involved in the ugly fight which took place at a Coles supermarket in Ipswich around 8.20pm on Monday, with one of the women allegedly shouting, "I paid for all this!" in footage taken by a bystander.

The fight in a Coles store in Ipswich between a shirtless man and two women, with a security guard close by.
A fight broke out between customers at a Coles store in Ipswich, where one man was reportedly stabbed. Source: 7News

According to Queensland Police, a security guard on the premises approached the customers and attempted to intervene before the shirtless man reportedly tried to hit one of the women twice. Despite attempting to inflict harm, he was unsuccessful and did not make contact with the woman.

After several moments the women reportedly retaliated and stabbed the man in the arm, inflicting a "minor laceration" to his body before fleeing the scene. It is unknown if the woman was holding a weapon when she struck him.

'Investigations are ongoing'

Queensland Police have confirmed to Yahoo News Australia they have launched an investigation into the altercation which left one supermarket customer injured and needing medical assistance.

"Emergency services were called following the incident, and the injured man was transported to Ipswich Hospital in a stable condition," the Queensland Police Service spokesperson said.

Police have since obtained the footage of the altercation and are asking any member of the public who witnessed the incident to reach out with any information.

It is currently unknown what initiated the argument or whether the parties knew each other.

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