Man slices face open with chainsaw but has to drive himself to hospital because he was unable to call for help

A man who slashed his face open with a chainsaw while working, somehow drove himself to hospital as he was unable to call an ambulance.

Bill Singleton, 68, of Ballarat, was working on his farm when he lost control of his chainsaw on May 6.

The Herald Sun reports Mr Singleton managed to tie his head up with bandages and drive himself to the nearest hospital.

It’s reported he was unable to call an ambulance after he sliced in tongue in half.

Mr Singleton’s incredible fight to survive continued when he arrived at the hospital car park.

He told News Corp that he almost passed out and had to force himself to get back up.

Mr Singleton was working on his farm when he lost control of his chainsaw. Photo: Getty FILE IMAGE.

“I was two thirds of the way there and things started to spin, the lights went dark... I dropped to my knees and was on all fours,” he said.

He was rushed to Royal Melbourne Hospital, where medical staff treated his wounds.

The saw had reportedly cut through his face as far back as his wisdom teeth.

News Corp reported Mr Singleton was lucky the chainsaw stopped a centimetre shy of his carotid artery and larynx.

Doctors said it was likely he would have died if he had been cut any further.

X-Rays of his head showed how the saw had sliced into his skull.

A large gap can be seen, as well as places where teeth had been knocked out by the blade.

Since his injuries, Mr Singleton has reportedly returned home to recover.

He claimed the incident had not put him off working with chainsaws in the future, and he planned to continue to do so.