Man sleeping on Queensland beach attacked by crocodile

The man was reportedly asleep on the beach before being bitten on the foot by a crocodile.

A 65-year-old man has been bitten by a crocodile while sleeping on a beach in Far North Queensland.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night at Newell Beach, waking the man who was asleep on the sand. After being reportedly bitten on the foot the man sought medical attention at a nearby hospital, before later being discharged and sent home.

A Department of Environment and Science (DES) spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the man had not contacted them directly, however, they were carrying out an investigation.

A crocodile half submerged in water, with parts of its body visible while the rest is hidden.
The 65-year-old man was reportedly bitten on the foot by a crocodile while he slept at a Queensland beach. Source: Getty

"Officers will be attending Newell Beach to confirm if the crocodile is in the area," the DES spokesperson said, while mentioning the beach is known "croc country".

Spanning from Boyne River, south of Gladstone in Queensland, to the Australian tip, croc country is well-known as crocodile habitat, with with no water considered crocodile free.

DES spreads awareness on how to be "crocwise" in this territory, sharing best practices to keep individuals safe, like camping at least 50 metres from the waters edge and abiding by signs.

Croc warning ahead of Easter weekend

The recent attack occurred the same week Yahoo News reported a croc sighting by sailors in the Whitsundays, days before many are expected to flock to the popular tourist spot to enjoy the long Easter weekend.

The crocodile was expected to be "at least 6-8ft" long according to the woman's Facebook post, and although it caused no harm as it passed by, tourists and locals have been asked to be alert for crocodiles in the area.

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