'It was safe, I tied it on very well': Man's ambitious removal plan backfires

A South Australian man’s ambitious furniture removal plan to load up his car with everything bar the kitchen sink has seen him slapped with a hefty fine.

Burra man Travis Loffler was making a cross-town trip in a tiny ute and loaded the tray up with two lounges, a couple of dining chairs, a mattress, two wheelchairs and a fridge.

The load balanced precariously in the back of his Subaru Brumby before he was pulled over by a local police officer.

Mr Loffler said the load was safe but police didn't agree. Source: 7 News

“It was safe, like I tied it on very well,” Mr Loffler said.

“As you see in the pictures it just didn’t look for the best.”

But the officer didn’t agree with him and slapped Mr Loffler with a $409 fine.

When asked if we would try the same moving tactic again he said, “no”.

“It wouldn’t be worth it financially,” Mr Loffler said.

Mr Loffler is unemployed and was planning on storing the goods to sell later on.

The Burra man said he wouldn't try doing it again. Source: 7 News

“It was going to get thrown out because these people have been evicted,” he said.

He also received a stern warning never to try overloading his car again.

Mr Loffler was hoping to sell the items. Source: 7 News