Man loses it after pouring fire ants down his pants

A man in Thailand gave a whole new meaning to having ants in your pants when he decided to literally put fire ants down his underpants.

The brave and silly man from Rayong, Thailand, stripped down to his underpants in an attempt to imitate a Jackass stunt, according to TomoNews Today.

Vision show his friends pull a nest of fire ants off a tree and then pour the angry little fellows directly onto his genitals.

The man’s reaction is priceless.

He appears to instantly regret the decision and cries out in pain as the insects begin to bite his privates.

While his friends come to his aid with water and help brush the ants from his body, he appears to still be in pain at the end of the video.

Although this may be one of the best self-inflicted meltdowns ever, there are plenty more of angry outbursts and freakouts which have been caught on camera for all to see.

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