Man learns his wife is cancer free and then wins the lottery the next day

A US man has won $1 million at a casino just one day after learning his wife is cancer free.

Harold McDowell, 85, was playing poker at a casino on New Jersey when he drew a lucky hand on December 22.

He initially placed a $5 bet and won $1 million when he laid down a six card royal flush, the casino confirmed in a Facebook post.

The day before the big win, Mr McDowell found out his wife was finally cancer free after years of surgery and treatment for liver and colon cancer, the New York Post reports.

“I was dumbfounded,” Mr McDowell told the outlet.

Harold McDowell (left) won $1 million at the Borgata Hotel and Casino (right). Source: Facebook/Borgata Hotel & Casino (left)/Getty (file pic) (right)

“It was better news that she’s healthy, money isn’t the most important thing.”

The casino wrote on Facebook that the odds of the win were “1 in 20,348,320.”