Man keeps 'alien in freezer'

Mr Li claims the 'alien' was electrocuted in a rabbit trap. Photo: Weibo

A man who posted pictures of an 'alien' in his freezer has sparked a frenzy on social networking sites across China.

Mr Li, from China's Binzhou Shangdong province, claimed the alien was electrocuted by a rabbit trap after a UFO crash landed near his house, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr Li said he saw a formation of UFOs buzzing across the night sky along the Yellow River before one of the crafts fell from the sky.

A picture of the creature's foot posted by Mr Li. Photo: Weibo

Left in it's wake was the burnt, bizarre looking creature which Mr Li claims he took back to his home to be stored in a freezer.

His outlandish claims were quickly brought back to earth with local police saying that the alleged alien was in fact made from high-quality rubber.

Police say the 'alien' is in fact made from rubber. Photo: Weibo

"The alien purported electrocuted and discovered by a man in Binzhou is a high quality imitation," a Jinan police officer said.

This has not discouraged bloggers from trying to connect the Shandong 'alien' to another reported sighting in the Hubei province.

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