Man getting revenge on cheating girlfriend hits a chord

He warned her.

If you want to leave me, just go – but don’t cheat.

And what did she do, she went and cheated (or so he claims, anyway).

Now, this man has gone to great lengths to not only out his cheating girlfriend, but also to devastate her in the process – and the resulting video has gone viral.

Published last week, it has already had over 8 million views.

In the full video, which lasts sixteen minutes, the betrayed sets out his plan for revenge and then records it all unfolding.

The scheme goes like this: he has everything set up in the house, candles, flower petals, a romantic letter for her to read first, Reindeer ears for her to put on (so that “she looks stupid”) and then a holiday brochure outlining a proposed trip to see the Northern Lights.

The card that delivers the killer blow. Photo: Screenshot
The card that delivers the killer blow. Photo: Screenshot

Then after all the excitement has built up and she can’t believe her luck, he delivers the killer blow with a card that has a hand-written poem, ending with the line: “the question I am asking you, is who the F*** is Thomas Roo”.

His now ex-girlfriend’s response is then recorded for the world to see.