Man files for divorce after wife’s act at their own wedding

A man has launched divorce proceedings during his wedding after seeing his bride dancing provocatively to a song about female dominance – in what has been reported as the fastest divorce in their country.

The wedding, which apparently turned sour during the reception, took place in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Local reports said it is the fastest divorce in Iraq’s history and also not the first time a Middle Eastern man has suddenly dumped his wife after she decided to play the same song shortly after getting married.

This time, though, it happened in record time when the wedding took a turn for the worse after the bride reportedly asked for the song ‘Mesaytara’ by Syrian singer Lamis Kan.

The song which triggered the groom's anger was by Lamis Kan (pictured). Source: Newsflash/ Australscope
The song which triggered the groom's anger was by Lamis Kan (pictured). Source: Newsflash/ Australscope

The song’s title can be translated to ‘I Am Dominant’ or ‘I Will Control You’ and features the lyrics: “I am dominant, you will be ruled under my strict instructions. I will drive you crazy if you look at other girls on the street.

"Yes, I’m dominant. You’re my piece of sugar, as long as you’re with me, you’ll walk under my command.”

According to local media, the bride was spotted dancing provocatively to the song and her groom was far from impressed.

The groom and his relatives were reportedly offended by the bride’s musical expression and the two families became embroiled in a heated row.

As a result, the Iraqi groom ‘untied the knot’ there and then.

In 2021, a Jordanian man reportedly split with his wife after she played the song early in their marriage.

-Newsflash/ Australscope

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