Man 'exposed himself and urinated' on Jetstar flight

The man's alleged actions on the flight to Melbourne have been branded 'despicable' by authorities.

A man has been charged with a string of offences after he allegedly exposed himself, vaped, and urinated all over a set of seats onboard a Jetstar flight.

The 52-year-old was headed for Melbourne from the Gold Coast on Monday night when he was caught vaping in his seat, police allege. When asked to stop by cabin crew, it's been claimed he was uncooperative and argued back.

A witness recalled that the man then attempted to use the plane's toilet, but instead lowered his pants, allegedly exposing himself, and proceeded to urinate on a set of vacant seats behind him.

The man was removed from the flight after it was forced to turn around. Source: Getty.
The man was removed from the flight after it was forced to turn around. Source: Getty.

Man's alleged behaviour branded 'disgraceful'

The plane was then forced to return to the airport's terminal and police were called in to remove him.

Gold Coast Airport Commander Superintendent Josh Kinghorn described the man's actions as "despicable".

"I am appalled by the disgraceful behaviour exhibited on this aircraft," he said. "AFP has zero tolerance for bad behaviour at airports and this case is an example of how one person's abhorrent actions have a direct impact on those around them.

"Smoking a vape and urinating on a seat is not only repugnant but also poses a severe risk to the safety and comfort of passengers."

Kinghorn said the arrest served as a "timely reminder" to Aussies travelling this Christmas.

"Such despicable actions will never be tolerated, and we will ensure appropriate measures are taken to hold the individual accountable for the appalling conduct," he said.

The man was charged with a number of offences, including offensive or disorderly behaviour on an aircraft , which carries a maximum penalty of $13,750. He is due to face court in February.

Qantas bans photography onboard flights

The shocking incident comes after Qantas updated its "conditions of carriage" to ban the photography or filming of other people on board flights without their permission.

The national carrier — that owns Jetstar — claimed the ban, implemented last month, was to maximise passenger safety and comfort.

"To maximise passenger comfort, safety and security, you must comply with the following requirements, and all other reasonable directions of any crew member on your flight with us," the updated conditions stated, meaning passengers must "seek consent before filming or photographing".

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