Man dies just minutes after routine surgery to fix snoring habit

A powerlifting coach has died minutes after surgery to stop his snoring, an operation which his distraught new wife had demanded because she couldn't sleep at night.

Artem Burim, 39, paid $2800 for a procedure to correct his nasal septum after spouse Viktoria, 25, found him a private rhinoplasty clinic in the Russian capital of Moscow.

The operation was “successful” but when he came round from the general anaesthetic, the father-of-three “tried to escape”.

Artem Burim died after his wife Viktoria encouraged him to get surgery to stop snoring. Source: Australscope/East2West

The powerlifter tore off a drip and ripped out a breathing tube, the clinic has claimed.

But his distraught wife called for a criminal probe, saying she was originally given a different explanation for her “dream" husband’s death.

She claimed the first call from the clinic said he had not recovered from the anaesthetic, and fears there was a mistake.

Later, a second call gave her the version that he had come round from the surgery but reacted badly to the tubes connected to his body, she said.

He died when his heart stopped after disconnecting himself, she was told by the clinic’s senior doctor.

She claimed they also said her husband had “high blood pressure” but this was “untrue”.

Artem Burim had been out of surgery 'just minutes' when his heart stopped. Source: Australscope/East2West

A preliminary criminal probe has been opened into his death by the Russian Investigative Committee, with detectives checking the medical records and taking statements.

“Negligence of doctors deprived me of my dearest person in the world,” Viktoria, a powerlifter and fitness model, alleged.

In a message to her dead husband, she said she was sorry because she chose the clinic that “did not return you to me”.

She admitted she had pressured him into an operation to stop his snoring and selected clinic Zdorovye Lux, which had offered a 50 per cent discount.

Artem Burim's wife Viktoria is demanding answers from the hospital. Source: Australscope/East2West

The widow said she wanted answers.

"I don’t want to bury my husband just like this,” she said.

The couple had a baby girl in January and Burim had a son and daughter from his previous marriage.

The clinic declined to comment but is “cooperating” with law enforcement.


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