Man dies after brain abscess dismissed as ear infection

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The parents of a man who fell ill and died claim he would be alive today if he had managed to see a doctor face-to-face.

David Nash, 26, from Leeds in England, died after four remote appointments with doctors due to Covid-19 restrictions, The Sun reports.

Mr Nash’s dad Andrew said his son’s condition and symptoms worsened four times “in quick succession” after he fell ill in October last year.

David Nash, 26, is pictured.
The parents of David Nash, 26, are adamant he would be alive if he had managed a one-on-one consultation with a doctor after falling ill. Source: AAP

His dad said the 26-year-old returned a negative Covid test but was still running a fever.

Mr Nash contacted his doctor but over 19 days not one GP noticed a mastoiditis in his ear. His family said the mastoiditis led to a brain abscess which caused meningitis.

Anne and Andrew Nash are pictured.
Anne and Andrew Nash said their son had four consultations in 19 days before he died but none determined what he was sick with. Source: AAP

His parents believe antibiotics might have helped their son. His condition badly deteriorated on November 2 before he had a fall. Mr Nash died two days later.

"It should never have been left to get to the stage where it caused the complication of a brain abscess,” Andrew said.

"It is something that should have been sorted out way before then.”

His dad added his son was diagnosed with an ear infection at one stage despite no one looking at his ears, The Evening Standard reported.

The family said they are now paying a neurosurgeon thousands to determine how their son died.

Mr Nash’s death will be the source of an inquest which begins on November 30.

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