Man diagnosed with brain tumour 'the size of an orange'

A Queensland man faces an anxious wait for high-risk surgery after he was diagnosed with an enormous brain tumour “the size of an orange”.

Laith Hassoneh, from Brisbane,  was diagnosed with brain cancer in May, yet physicians are reluctant to perform life-saving surgery due to the tumour’s size.

The 33-year-old has developed a malignant astrocytoma tumour which has a diameter of about 7cm.

While surgery to release the pressure in his skull was a success, an operation to remove the giant tumour is yet to be scheduled.

Laith has undergone initial surgery to relieve the pressure of the tumour. Source: Facebook/ Laith Hassoneh

“They are unwilling to perform the surgery due to the high-risk nature of it,” Laith’s brother, Zaid, wrote in a GoFundMe page.

“Physicians say the tumour is the size of an orange and has to be removed.”

Laith, a 33-year-old exercise and sports scientist, has been able to find one surgeon willing to take on the surgery, but costs will exceed $150,000.

The tumour has been described as the size of an orange. Source: GoFundMe

“This fee is prohibitive, but Laith requires this critical life-saving surgery to remove the tumour as soon as possible,” his brother explained.

Laith, who is described by his brother as a “passionate” and “motivating” professional, would also require further treatment not currently available in Australia post-operation.

In a bid to raise much needed funds, his family has set up a GoFundMe to facilitate his life-saving treatment.

“Any help and support we can get will be eternally appreciated beyond any words we could ever say and will be life-changing for Laith,” his brother added.

So far the page has raised nearly $10,000 of the $250,000 needed for his surgery and subsequent treatment.

Zaid has said any extra funds raised will be donated to The Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.